Hermanville-sur-Mer to Titchfield Common via La Manche

We managed to wake up long before the alarm went off and made the 10 minute drive in the darkness to Ouistreham port. GerTee was inspected inside twice, the first time by a Gendarme and the second by a Douane. As we had been found squeaky clean we were permitted to board the ferry and found ourselves parked way up the front on an outside deck.

6 hours later we pull into Portsmouth harbour and get a first-hand view of the vehicle ramp being lowered down. It looked pretty menacing and at one point both us and the van next door thought we would be squished flat.

Engines started up and whey hey GerTee is the first vehicle to disembark the ship and first through immigration and customs, which will probably never ever happen again.

20 minutes later we were back at Schreiber Towers getting a comprehensive handover from our lovely house sitters and then they were away to their new flat in Hastings. It all sounds like it went wonderfully smoothly doesn’t it, but oh no it’s not. Both our car batteries were flat as pancakes and to cut a long and boring story short involved a nice man from the AA replacing himself’s car battery at 9 o’clock that night by which time we are absolutely pooped and all we wanted was our bed and a good night’s kip.

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